Today I took two deep plunges. I downloaded a double-CD, Reggae Anthology: Randy's 50th Anniversary (1960-1971), lasting two hours, 17 minutes. I was browsing for other things on eMusic and came across it; I'd been tempted to buy it last weekend in Minneapolis, making it a top candidate for first official 2009 download. Then maybe two-thirds of the way through, I came across an eight-hour-long monster (credited to Sutekh Live! Seph Live!, DJ Koba & DJ kid.chic, recorded Halloween 2007) on Raymond Cummings' blog. I'm a few minutes into it, and while I'll head out to eat soon and watch TV later, this is what I will listen to tonight. Clearly, I'm testing my fortitude here. But the long-ass set-of-sets sounds nice so far. At the very least, I'll probably get some reading done to this.

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