Caught up.

I finally am caught up with my listening. I finished off the final four FE send-outs: two last night, two today. And I also last night finished the SoulBounce playlists. Lots of good stuff on both ends, but here's what I wrote today on Facebook Twitter about FE: "Wasn't into Eleni Mandell. Really liked Intrusion. 2000 and One was iffy with a few nice peaks. The Subs: not sure what I think but it sounds like a continuation of rave-revival into a kind of popward/blog-house direction, which interests me even if I don't love it. Humcrush--played three times, didn't register much any them, but it sounds like something I should concentrate on. Chloe--loved the first two-thirds, will be going back to it. Afrobutt sounded kind of limited; will listen again to cherry-pick. Piemont sounded OK, need to re-hear. Ben Klock, too."

I have over 100 eMusic downloads left for the month; they re-up on Monday, so I'll be downloading a lot of stuff this weekend. A lot of stuff I want to at least try to hear came out this week, so that'll probably be a good amount of it. And I want to start chipping away at my "download later" Word doc. I feel like this system has shook a lot of the bedbugs out, and I can do with jumping back into things a bit.

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