One month later.

Well, it seems to be working. There isn't much to add that I haven't already noted in previous posts, which seems like proof that it was worth doing. I don't buy or download music with near the same sort of impulsiveness I did even a month ago, when I was beginning to consciously scale back. Listening to less seems to come with it as well, though I plan to pick it back up as I do more cleaning, rid myself of more stuff, and focus on a couple projects I hope to have a better handle on soon.

Here's what I've listened to today (since getting up at--wtf--1:30 a.m., after falling asleep at 6 p.m.):

Junior Boys, Begone Dull Care
Horrible title, but I like this already.

Zomby Rave Mix

Up on Discobelle the day after Christmas, didn’t hear of this until just yesterday; unmixed, 46-minute, 96kbps “set” that is, as you’d predict, full of great stuff.

Big Chief ft. Jim Jones, “My Swagg”

Entered the R&B chart early January; found it on eMusic; basically a relick of the Mims “This Is Why I’m Hot” beat, which is cool with me. Column possibility?

The Rough Guide to the Music of Brazil
(2007 edition); The Rough Guide to the Music of Tanzania (2006); The Rough Guide to Calypso & Soca (1999)
I have almost two shelves’ worth of RG comps; I stopped getting them sometime last year, but it was hard to justify asking to get back on the list since it’s almost impossible to review anything, much less a 15-year-old series that’s probably issued 200 titles by now. (I'm including year of release because the series has re-used several titles over the years--South Africa, Brazil, etc.--as earlier comps go out of print and new ones take their place.) I decided to listen to a few to see if there's anything I might want to play on Wednesday night when I DJ at Havana. Found a handful of possibilities so far, which I'm noting elsewhere.

Dream FM: January 1995
Two sides of a 60-minute cassette of happy hardcore taped off the air of a UK pirate station. Found here, via Simon; in truth I haven't played it yet since I'm not yet halfway into RG Calypso/Soca, but this is next.

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